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February 2, 2009

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April 27, 2007

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Only one more Papa Joe audio file left to post!

Papa Joe Comments and Stories

I'd called in to Papa Joe's show frequently in the last few years of his show, and never once did he make me feel like a jerk! I couldn't wait to hear his show and such a smooth voice. He truly saw sports from a FANS point of view, and always called it as we all saw it. He is truly missed!!

Iron Mike

Oh man! Papa Joe was a staple of my radio listening in the 1995-98 period when I was living on the eastern shore of Maryland and got One On One Sports. I am heartbroken to hear he is no longer with us. I really miss those times.


I LOVE the April 30, 2007 audio about college athletes getting paid!


I grew up in South Central Los Angeles. Every day my Father would play Papa Joe on 1540 AM. None of my friends or anybody I knew from the area had any idea who Papa Joe was. Over time Papa Joe became an integral part of my day. Somehow the day didn't seem right if I didn't hear his voice on the radio while I attended middle school. I am very glad I didn't have to search far to hear Papa Joe's voice again. The nostalgia is real. Thank you for this website. Rest easy Papa Joe...Rest easy.


How great was the middle school kid that Papa Joe would have on his show to do NFL picks!


I listened to the combo of Papa Joe & Arnie Spanier on One on One Sports in the mid & late 90s. I can still hear Papa singing the Field of '64. Papa Joe loved "The Dish" because it let him watch all the games. Cowboys? Ptooey!

J. R.

Papa Joe was the 1st internet show I ever streamed way back in 1999 on the Sporting News Radio Network. He made me laugh! His bed/bumper music made the show very good and I think he had funny drops as well.


Oh! No! O. J.! What would Papa Say?


The Penguins Win The CUP AGAIN! Papa would LOVE it!


Papa Joe was the best! This is my story. I remember when he started a show telling everyone that he was gonna have some fun and myth. I didn't think anything of it. After some sports talk, Papa Joe stated that the NCAA had decided to have a football playoff. The phones blew up asking how to get tickets and how they could watch it on television. You name it. They were talking about it. Everyone went crazy. Then, at the end of show, he stated: "Look at all the money and hype the NCAA is missing." I don't remember when this was, but he was way ahead of the times. Look at how many years it took the NCAA to come around. I wish I could still listen to Papa Joe.


Editors Note: The NCAA bowl money almost doubled from just under 300 million dollars to over 500 million dollars the very first year of a football playoff. Papa Joe was SO RIGHT!

There are so many things happening in sports today that I would love to hear Papa Joe comment about!


The end of BCS...What would Papa Joe Say?


I wonder what Papa Joe would have to say about his "beloved Buck-os" and "beloved Steelers" in 2013.

Willie C.

I was a caller back in the early 90s. I played on his softball team and went golfing a few times with him. He was a truly great guy who loved his fans and what he did. Hope your up there Joe looking down upon us with a smile.


I never called or e-mailed Papa Joe. I started listening during his Sport Entertainment Network days in Las Vegas. Like most good things it didn't last long. My local radio station changed formats. After that I listened whenever I could catch him on an out-of-town station when traveling. When he started streaming on the internet, I was finally able to somewhat regularly listen to Papa Joe again. I did get a glimpse of Papa Joe in person when he was broadcasting his show live at Binions. He was busy interviewing a guest and I had to leave to catch an airplane back home before I had a chance to talk to him. I miss the voice of reason in sports.


I know that Papa Joe hated instant replay in baseball and for that matter, in all sports. I still think we need more instant replay in sports to get it right. I still listened to him whenever I could.

Charles in China Grove

I started listening to Papa Joe back in the 1990s when he was on the One On One Sports radio network. I was immediately "hooked" the first "Bite Me" Wednesday I listened to. I followed him over the years, usually online, as the monkeys were always pulling his show for one reason or another. He was truly one of the very best. I will always be grateful for him and his shows.

Papa, you're home now. Enjoy! Take Care & God Bless.


I just found out today (10/25/2012) that Papa Joe died. I was shocked to find out that he had passed away last year!

I listened to him on SEN Network, One and One Network, and the Sporting News network. I lived in Sacramento and Reno during that time period. Got to listen to him a little bit in Sacramento and listen to him on a constant basis in Reno. I thought the guy was excellent. He always spoke the truth and he was fair to his callers.

Once he came to Reno to meet the fans. My friend and I went to a sports bar where he was at. I wish I would have shook his hand. For some reason we didn't get a chance to talk to him. I know I am late to the party, but it chokes me up that he is no longer with us. He was a legend.


Joe and I used to work together as surveillance agents back in the 70s. We got to be pretty good friends and racquetball partners. He was always a bright spot in my day and a very good gin player too. I was lucky enough to get to know him on an entirely different level and I can assure you that he was a truly great guy. He is missed.

Leo A.

Papa Joe was a joy to listen to. I love listening to the archives. It is so good to hear his voice again. God Bless You Papa.

Barney in Reno

I was a huge fan of Papa Joe, listening on my commute home every night around 8pm. I called in a few times and was constantly ripping on the Detroit Lions...They still suck! My favorite memory was a random call I made when Papa was discussing Mike Tyson boxing against a female on pay-per-view. Papa asked me "Who would watch Tyson fight a woman?" I immediately answered "A Detroit Lions fan!" This seemed to stump him so he asked me to explain myself. I replied, "Every week Detroit Lions fans tune in to watch a senseless beating...." He got a big laugh out of that one. He sent me a T-shirt from Fat Burger and an autographed picture which now hangs next to my autographed pictures of Joe Montana, Hershel Walker and Richard Petty. Papa Joe was a one-of-a-kind and he IS missed! Thank you Papa for all the smiles. I'll never forget you.

Tim from Bay City, MI

I used to listen to Papa Joe on my long drive home after work. My drive home each evening seemed much longer when he left Chicago for Las Vegas and I couldn't listen to him on the radio. It's good to be able to hear him again.

Mel from New Braunfels, TX

I called in religiously in the mid-90s. I got the Papa Joe newsletter. He was the first national sports talk radio guy we got here in Erie. Before the copyright infringement people got to him, he would play Louie Louie in the background during my calls. Those were good times!

Louis Louis from Erie

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